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...and other Frequently Asked Questions

Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash wins the struggle you've been fighting for years—to get your fresh produce cleaner than nature intended. Nature isn't always the cleanest place, as fruits and vegetables are grown in dirt and are often treated with pesticides and other chemicals. Fit removes 98% more dirt, pesticides, waxes, people-handling residues and other contaminants versus washing with water alone. Here are some answers to the most common questions about Fit.

About the Product

What are the ingredients found in Fit?

All of Fit's ingredients are from natural sources and are found in everyday foods. Purified water, oleic acid and glycerol (from vegetable sources), ethyl alcohol (from corn), potassium hydrate (from basic minerals), baking soda (from basic minerals), citric acid (from corn starch and molasses), and distilled grapefruit oil.

How much ethyl alcohol is in the product?

Fit has less than 2 tablespoons in a 32 oz. refill bottle. That's less than 0.19 teaspoons per oz.

Why was Fit developed?

Through our research, we found that while 94% of consumers wash fresh produce with water, most are not completely satisfied with the results.

Where is Fit available?

Fit is available in the produce section at grocery stores across the country.  If you can't find it where you shop, ask the produce manager to get it for you.  In the meantime, you can buy Fit directly from us by clicking here.

What is the difference between the spray version and soak/refill product?

The difference is in packaging only. The sprayer allows for easy, direct application of the product to produce and works well for cleaning single, easy-to-hold items such as an apple. Use the Soak method for:

  • Produce that is difficult to hold or difficult to rub
  • Produce that has lots of nooks and crannies, like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower
  • Large quantities of easy-to-hold produce, for example, several apples for a pie, or baked potatoes for a large family

Why is the product named Fit?

Through our research, we found that people associate the word "fit" with good, clean, food and an active, healthy lifestyle, which includes a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

About Usage

How do I use Fit? When should I use the soak method and when should I use the spray?

Watch our demonstration video.

Use the Soak method for:

  • Produce that is difficult to hold or difficult to rub
  • Produce that has lots of nooks and crannies, like lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower
  • Large quantities of easy-to-hold produce, for example, several apples for a pie, or baked potatoes for a large family


  1. POUR - Pour 1 capful (fill to line) of Fit for every ½ gallon of water to make solution. Make enough solution to completely cover produce.
  2. SOAK - Soak produce in Fit solution for 2-3 minutes. Rub or swish, as needed.
  3. RINSE - Rinse under running water.

The Spray method is the best for produce that is easily held in your hands and is simple to rub, such as apples, plums, and potatoes.


  1. SPRAY - Spray to completely cover produce.
  2. RUB - Rub for about one minute. For hard-to-rub produce, let sit for 2-3 minutes.
  3. RINSE - Rinse under running water.

How long will bottles of Fit last?

It varies depending on the method of application and the frequency of use. However, under normal conditions a bottle of Fit should last 1-2 months.

Can I use Fit on all types of fresh fruits and vegetables?


Do I need to use Fit if produce is being cooked?

Most governmental agencies and health professionals recommend washing all fresh produce regardless of how it is to be prepared. Foods taste better when starting with fresh, clean ingredients.

Can I use Fit on organic produce or produce grown at home?

Yes. Organic does not mean clean. Much organically grown produce is grown with naturally occurring fertilizer such as manure. Fit will help to remove any unwanted residues on your produce such as dirt. Fit rinses away completely leaving no aftertaste or after smell.

Doesn't using Fit require the consumer to perform an additional step?

Not really. Almost all consumers wash their fresh fruits and vegetables before they eat or cook them. Fit's convenient spray form can be kept right by the sink and used whenever the consumer rinses fruits or vegetables. The soak method simply requires consumers to pour one capful of Fit into the soaking water and then rinse the produce as usual. When consumers use Fit, they will actually be able to see and feel that their efforts are making a difference, unlike when they use water alone.

Should I wash my produce with Fit prior to storing?

Since Fit removes preservatives, such as wax, it is best to eat the produce within one or two days of cleaning it.

About Performance

How much of the chemicals on my produce does Fit remove compared to water?

Fit removes up to three times more chemicals than water, see an example in this video.

Will Fit leave a taste or smell on produce?

No, not if you rinse your produce with running water for 5-10 seconds after using Fit.

Will Fit leave behind any residue?

No significant amount of residue is left behind. Fit is specially formulated to rinse away, leaving no aftertaste.

Will Fit remove wax?

Yes, Fit is specially formulated to remove wax. In fact, Fit removes 98% more wax than water alone.

Is it OK to use Fit on meats or other foods?

Fit has not been tested on any foods other than produce.

Will using Fit eliminate the need to peel produce?

When the purpose of peeling is to eliminate surface residues that are not removed by water alone, including wax, then using Fit can eliminate the need for peeling.

Does Fit contain preservatives?

No. Fit contains no preservatives.

How do I know if Fit is working?

You'll notice a difference in how your produce looks and feels. For instance:

  • You'll notice how easy it is to clean the dirt and grit off of strawberries, celery, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, and other leafy greens.
  • Broccoli and grapes will appear brighter.
  • Apples and other waxed produce washed with Fit will look less shiny because wax has been removed.
  • Many fruits and vegetables washed with Fit will have a squeaky clean feel.

What is the advantage of using Fit in place of plain water and/or soap?

Some substances, notably wax, are water-insoluble and cannot be adequately removed with water alone. Fit rinses away significantly more soil and residues than water alone. Using soap or dishwashing detergent on produce is not recommended by the FDA. These products have not been formulated for use on produce and are harder to rinse off. Soap may leave behind an undesirable taste, smell, or film. Unlike soap products, Fit has been specially formulated for use on produce. Fit's formula rinses away with water, leaving behind the true flavor and goodness nature intended.

How was the effectiveness of Fit determined?

Fit underwent extensive testing in our own laboratories and by an independent laboratory. A comparison of the effectiveness of Fit versus water was conducted by applying commonly occurring residues to popular fruits and vegetables.

About Safety/Health Nutrition

Is the produce we buy safe to eat?

The FDA, EPA, and USDA all recommend thoroughly washing produce. Fit simply provides an easy and more effective way to clean your produce.

What happens if someone accidentally drinks Fit?

Fit has been thoroughly tested for safety, including any foreseeable misuse. If someone, including a child, were to accidentally ingest the whole bottle, the person might experience a minor stomachache. Vomiting could also occur. This would only be temporary.

Does Fit contain caffeine, vitamins, salt, saccharin, cholesterol, potassium, or sodium?

Fit does NOT contain caffeine, vitamins, salt, saccharin, or cholesterol. Fit DOES contain potassium and sodium.

Does Fit change the composition of produce?

  • Fit does not add any fat or calories.
  • Fit rinses away easily leaving no aftertaste or after smell on produce.
  • Fit will not rinse away any vitamins or minerals from produce.
  • There are no dietary or diabetic concerns with Fit.
  • Fit is safe to use during pregnancy/breast feeding.

Is Fit approved by the FDA?

All of Fit's ingredients have been approved by the FDA for use in foods.

Will Fit wash away vitamins and minerals?

No significant amount of vitamins or minerals are removed since the product only comes in contact with the outermost surface of the produce.

Does Fit add any fat or calories?

No, if you rinse the produce with running water as instructed on the bottle.

Is Fit OK for people with special dietary concerns?

There are no dietary or diabetic concerns; use as directed.

Is Fit safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding?


Is Fit safe for the environment?

Yes. The cleaning ingredients in Fit are biodegradable. In addition, consumers are encouraged to refill the spray bottle using the refill bottle, thereby eliminating the need to purchase additional spray bottles.